Cards Preview

Chip Shop begins in the American 1980s, but expansions are planned to allow for game play in different eras, regions and markets.

Aside from official expansions or 'updates', the tools and processes used to create the game have been open-sourced, allowing the community to create its own additions, or 'patches'.

Print at Home

Currently, Chip Shop is available in a Print-at-Home version and you will also need generic counters for scoring. Boxed and Tabletop Simulator versions are coming soon.

Chip Shop consists of:

  • 68 product cards
  • 67 event cards
  • 33 personality cards
  • Player Boards
  • Main Game Board

All available for purchase at 'pay-what-you-feel', from a minimum of $1 (a restriction of the service we use, sorry).

Player Board Preview

Main Board Preview

Updates and Fixes

The Print-at-Home version of Chip Shop will be constantly improved and fixed and all buyers will be notified of new versions as they are made available. At the moment the game is in a 'beta' state, so is likely to have several updates over the next months.

We would like to thank all our play testers so far!

Play Testing

Play Testing

Play Testing